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What I wore: day 4

What I wore: day 4

posted on Monday April 4, 2011 | in Tuning in to Josephine | 2 Comments

destination: dinner

jeans: top-shop

sweater: prada

necklace: vintage

hat: vintage

bangles: h&m

purse: prada

Now I wanted to add something else since I’m looking at this Prada purse; it made me think of a comment from a reader (see here).  The purse has a metal clasp in the shape of a monkey.  The monkey reappears in the Spring 11 collection on dresses and purses as seen below,(who knows why, I can make some intelligent guesses which I’ll keep to myself lest it gets misconstrued)  I wanted to add to my response to that comment, that this monkey motif  is replicated from an original design by Mario Prada from 1925.

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  1. cca. (Reply) on Monday 4, 2011

    Love the bag and the funky monkey

  2. lexa crary (Reply) on Monday 4, 2011

    you’ll think I’m nuts but I was looking up the meaning of Shala and came across this site. We are naming our brand new filly Arabian, Shala! she might be the best one yet. my husband is a breeder and he thinks she’s the best one so far that we’ve bred. She is super cute and super friendly b/c she wouldn’t nurse so we had to bottle feed her every 3 hours. She might very well become a champion like a few of our others.
    We live just outside Austin, TX
    Just fyi!

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