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The future is always in movement not in things that stand still.

The future is always in movement not in things that stand still.

posted on Saturday April 2, 2011 | in The Basin Jamet | 3 Comments

from one of my favourite blogs: Rolexandbitches.

more Peter Marino chic; architecture, leather and history.


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  1. safs (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    What a fascinating concept! The future if one really thinks of it is the end result of movement, of change, of innovation. Yet thank god for those things that do stand still, like the colonial buildings that decorate the carenage of my birthplace, the resilient yet throughly aged catholic church of my grandmother’s village, and the remaining majestic mahogany trees – for without them I find it even more difficult to remember where I come from, even more difficult to find inspiration in the things of my past in order to decide my future. And so yes to movement and a heartfelt thank you to those things that stand still!

    Speaking of things that stand still – have you noticed Warhol’s distinctly metallic addition to the corner of 17th and broadway? Even as a likeness he is set apart from the other statues affixed in the square.

  2. Eli (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    Hello, I did not know Rolex n bitches is one of your favourite blogs. Mr Meyer’s concept is very simple. I do like the images and the idea reminds me alot of tumblr. Maybe you could do a feature on your favourite blogs, it will be quite interesting. It would fill a big void if mine was on your list.

  3. malika (Reply) on Saturday 2, 2011

    what an intersting picture, artist M. Costa, modern

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