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So much trouble in the world

So much trouble in the world

posted on Saturday March 12, 2011 | in The Crystal Tearoom | 3 Comments

Thinking of Japan and the explosion of one of its nuclear plants and radiation leaks.

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Photo: Still from Apocolypse now.

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  1. Ashley P. (Reply) on Saturday 12, 2011

    I pray everyone affected by this disaster will find some sort of solace. I can not imagine how it would feel to lose everything you have and lose loved ones. Keep your head up Japan!

  2. 2mellow (Reply) on Saturday 12, 2011

    The first thing I thought of when I woke up was ‘there’s a parent out there searching for their toddler/infant’ and I lost it. I pray for them every night.

    Thank you for a lovely blog again lady :)

  3. Sthandiwe (Reply) on Saturday 12, 2011

    This disaster proves one thing,after all is said and done,God is the Alfa and Omega!Lets serve HIM and others while we still can!He is love.We must not stop praying for Japan.With love from SouthAfrica

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