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Absolutely Mad about Dan Colen’s New Work!

Absolutely Mad about Dan Colen’s New Work!

posted on Friday September 10, 2010 | in The Crystal Tearoom | 3 Comments

So you won’t find me doing much of fashion tonight, sorry, Dan Colen has my full attention at Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea.  I walked in during the installation and gasped.  That’s all I’ll say, go see for yourself.

This show has a lot to do with failure and potential, accident and intention, and time at its most minute and most infinite. It’s about how powerful a single simple gesture can be.
–Dan Colen

See what the NY Times is saying already.

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  1. M (Reply) on Friday 10, 2010

    Curious to know what you loved about his work… I saw the show and quite honestly, was only moved by the many people standing next to me…

  2. MICHAEL (Reply) on Friday 10, 2010

    i like his work and it growing on me its raw and best off all its unapologetic and since Dash Snow sadly gone i have room for more attention to Dan and i am a sucker for repetition fallowed with excedents

  3. shala (Reply) on Friday 10, 2010

    Don’t worry M. not everything is for everyone.
    Find your own truth.
    Find that which speaks to you.
    Maybe you can’t hear Dan yet
    Mabye you’re beyond him.

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