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posted on Monday February 14, 2011 | in Crik Crak,Tuning in to Josephine | 6 Comments


There was a time and there will always be

A time when I shall carry my load on my head

Like a man, proud and strong

I shall feed my mother and my daughter,

My stomach is happy.

The gods are happy.

For they give me rain

They give me the sun and the moon.

The tides are with me

And I will never go hungry

As long as I toil the soil of this land.

a model wearing a massai inspired dress by Thakoon. NYC Feb.13th 2011

Photo via: style.com

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  1. Paola (Reply) on Monday 14, 2011

    I can feel the color vibrate through the computer screen… Reminds me of Josef Albers “interaction of color”.

  2. Eli (Reply) on Monday 14, 2011

    This sounds really weird, but this photo is quite professional sometimes I think your liaring when you say took it… Not saying your not capable but I dunno, your photography skills are koool!
    Luna, yeah this poem is good— your stories always remind me of home; I guess because your place of birth is your inspiration.
    I have a few I wanted to share… maybe another time.
    Would you been coming to London Fashion Week; please say ‘Yes’!??!

  3. malika (Reply) on Monday 14, 2011

    past/present/future. “Rosebud” Citizen Kane

  4. The Photodiarist (Reply) on Monday 14, 2011

    I just found your blog and I am intrigued. Very unlike every other blog (including my own). On to your other posts . . .

  5. Anna (Reply) on Monday 14, 2011

    Delicious colors, they give more energy to my dark winter than sun does! xxx


  6. Sarah O. (Reply) on Monday 14, 2011

    I just adore you and your blog. I find you very inspiring.

    xx Sarah O

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