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States of matter

States of matter

posted on Wednesday February 2, 2011 | in The Crystal Tearoom | 4 Comments

On February 23rd Rodarte will have it’s first West Coast solo exhibition at Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (MOCA).

The show titled “States of Matter” seeks to explore Rodarte’s creations as individual sculptural objects, “rather than pieces that are reliant on their relationship to the human form,” says Aassociate Curator Rebecca Morse.  MOCA’s Director Jeffrey Deitch says it another way, that the duo is redefining the purpose of garment design.  What do you think?  Can a dress be really more than a dress?

If you’ll be in LA between March 4th and June 5th 2011, you can go see the exhibition whose installation design is made by Alexandre de Betak, a long time collaborator of Rodarte’s and come up with your own ideas.

Photo: from Industrie Magazine by Danko Steiner

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  1. HeyitsAlexP (Reply) on Wednesday 2, 2011

    The fashion/art dichotomy is an interesting one, but also an ultimately destructive one. The industry is schizophrenic. Passionate creatives are drawn in by exhibitions like this one (and knowing that Dietch is involved it will probably be awesome), then faced with the reality of an industry that isn’t creative at all.

    What actual creative genius the public does get to experience is determined by curators (ie Anna Wintour) with motives that have nothing to do with beauty, art, and the other things that make life feel…um…alive. I kind of wish labels like Rodarte would just give up the pretense of raw commerce and present all their creations in a gallery setting.

    • shala (Reply) on Wednesday 2, 2011


      Maybe Rodarte needs commerce to keep creating?

  2. thelifestylemaven (Reply) on Wednesday 2, 2011

    Fashion is art and art is fashion. A dress can most certainly be more than just a dress, and rather a masterpiece fit for display.
    I love Rodarte! Can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

  3. oroma (Reply) on Wednesday 2, 2011

    “just give up the pretense of raw commerce and present all their creations in a gallery setting.”
    I don’t doubt they are considering this direction… . and if not, they should.
    how interesting that I pondered upon this every ideal or idea today, in length.

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