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Night in Shanghai

Night in Shanghai

posted on Friday January 21, 2011 | in Tuning in to Josephine | 2 Comments

And now i’m on an Asia binge.  Last night I watched two documentaries, Inside North Korea and China’s Lost Girls on Netflix.  I’m loving Michelle Obama’s red McQueen gown she wore to dinner with the Chinese President, thinking about opening a Chinese bank account and having yuan to my name, well casually entertaining the thought since it seems to be the talk of the Financial world at the moment I can’t not hear about it lately.  And then I’m wondering what goes on in the heads of President Obama and President Hu Jintao when they sit in private, and then I wonder how I would come across in this outfit if I were to walk the streets of Shanghai again.  I’m sure I would be exotic being a black woman in military fashion looking through some ultra luxury fashion window on Shanghai’s Bund. On the Shanghai Bund, on the Shanghai Bund.

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  1. Jbuggington (Reply) on Friday 21, 2011

    China is indeed amazing what are you in Shanghai for may i ask? Im in Beijing now(From Houston TX) Dancing with Various Chinese artist and a couple of friends are inShanghai performing at a concert with artist Chris Lee (Sorry for the book) But I just really enjoy your blog and was glad to hear your on my side of the world =) have fun. and all the chinese women here have a good fashion aesthetic dont you think? add this, dont match that, Little Hats, or Layers.

  2. Brandice N. Henderson (Reply) on Friday 21, 2011

    Dearest Shala,

    Love this post. Please post more photos. I can experience Shanghai through your photos. Have fun!


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