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“FASHION IS – TAKING A TRIP.” Andre Leon Talley

“FASHION IS – TAKING A TRIP.” Andre Leon Talley

posted on Monday December 20, 2010 | in The Crystal Tearoom | 4 Comments

This summer I took a trip to Cartagena, Colombia and like Andre Leon Talley says, fashion is (literally taking a trip) and it is a conversation with one’s self and one’s impressions.  A dear friend said it another way, the adaptation of memory is art.  What do you think?

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  1. Ashley P. (Reply) on Monday 20, 2010

    This is very true. I was raised in a Ghanian home in America and there was a constant tug and pull between the country I was born in and the strong African influence on my dress, actions, and speech. Living in Newark, Delaware and never stepping out of America all my life didn’t help much either. The homogeneity of the standard Abercrombie & Fitch and American Eagle garb stifled my creativity and desire to connect with my culture. As a result, I was left confused. Somedays I wanted to be like everyone else and throw on my blue jeans and t-shirts to blend in with the crowd and other days I would wake up with wreckless abandon and wear a full on Kente cloth dress, head wrap and all. I guess I couldn’t run away from my roots. Last Christmas I finally got to see where this sometimes sudden passion for authenticity of culture originated from when I landed in Ghana, West Africa. I saw my people. Beautiful Ghanian people weaving Kente cloth and carving beauty out of wood. I laid eyes on the most amazing jewelry made out of shells and handcrafted beads and walked the streets of numerous art centers. Why on earth would I ever sometimes be ashamed of this magnificence? When I came back I was never the same. I found a way to merge my rich African heritage with my familiar American culture. Now I can never dress without trying to infuse some sort of reference to my culture. I can’t wait to travel more so I can develop my sartorial senses even further!

  2. shala (Reply) on Monday 20, 2010

    Ashley I’m glad you came around to realise that it is okay to embrace a Kente cloth. Where on earth could that notion have come from. If ever you feel that way you should just go take a look at those elegant women in Seydou Keita’s photographs. I’m so tempted to pierce my whole earlobe like them. Growing up in a British Colonial Island there was this notion that to have more than one piercing was savage and uncouth. And then I see photographs of these Malian women in the 60’s and wonder what on earth the British school system meant by that.

    • Ashley P. (Reply) on Monday 20, 2010

      I Know! What was wrong with me? I am so happy that I can fully embrace my culture now.

  3. Chloé (Reply) on Monday 20, 2010

    Fashion is taking a trip because people travel to discover new things, search for universal truths, and open their minds, which is what fashion does.

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