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Something fishy

Something fishy

posted on Monday June 10, 2013 | in River of Beauty and Youth | 1 Comment

One early Saturday morning just a few weeks ago I drove up and down the windy road from Rodney Bay to Marigot Bay to attend a Kids4Coral class sponsored by La Mer.  I’d dragged my long lost cousin who now lives on another island and happened to be in St.Lucia at the time with me.  Even though we’d spent the  previous night  into the wee hours of the morning catching up at Delerious a local hangout.  Nothing a fresh litre of coconut water can’t fix.

I was too excited to see Sherqwan also affectionately called Boyo one of the star students of the class!  I’d met Sherqwan about a month and a half before and was immediately taken with his zeal, love of the ocean and fearlessness.  I was not suprised to find that his hand was perpetually in the air eager to answer questions about marine life and to also brag a bit about some of his dives.  He’s about 8!  Naturally he became my snorkel partner as we went exploring the mangroves of Marigot bay to identify some of the fish just lectured on.  He’s definitely one child that I’m taking a keen interest in and look forward to catching up with the next time I go home.

Here’s to world’s ocean’s day this past June 8th, and to fostering a deep respect for the ocean by educating the youth about it’s importance.


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  1. Vivienne (Reply) on Monday 10, 2013

    I first came across your work, photos when I picked up one of Vogue’s magazine while seated in my Dr. office in Manhattan. Firstly, I should say very proud to have come across and reading that you are indeed St.Lucia. Its great work that you have done partnering with La Mer and Kids4Coral on the importance of learning to swim. As you mentioned in the start of the article that growing up on an island surrounded by water yet not being allowed to swim for fear of the ocean, amazing that I did experience the same. Its sometimes embarrassing to tell friends in NY that I can’t swim, and their response is always but that’s strange you grew up on the islands. My mission this summer is to ensure that my young kids ages 4 and 8 take as much swimming classes as possible because I dont want them to experience the embarrassment among friends for not knowing how to swim.

    I do hope this program is continued in St.Lucia, especially as there are some unfortunate ones who cannot afford to take classes at the only aquatic center on the island.

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