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Women of compassion

Women of compassion

posted on Saturday April 6, 2013 | in The Crystal Tearoom | 2 Comments

Often we feel that the problems of the world are too overwhelming for us to do anything significant.  Dr. Sunitha Krishnan would like you to pause for a moment and rethink this notion; for if everyone would take the time to consider each other with compassion, to do just our small bit, there would be no need for legends like herself she says.

Last night I was in the presence of  this tiny forceful woman at the United Nations, where she received a DVF Award that honors women who are using their resources, commitments and visibility to transform the lives of other women.  Dr. Sunitha Krishnan who was gang raped by 8 men at the age of 15 has rescued more than 5000 women to date.  One of her biggest challenges she says she faces is civil society and the culture of silence.  She’d like us to speak up, speak out and be more compassionate to victims of the sex slave trade.  What good is her work if we are not willing to take these women back into society?

Listen to Dr. Sunitha Krishnan here.

For more info on her work visit Prajwala.

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  1. Melissa (Reply) on Saturday 6, 2013

    Thank you Shala for this great post and all your great posts. I always look forward to them.

  2. Marian (Reply) on Saturday 6, 2013

    She is truly an inspiration. Yes we can all do something to make a significant difference.

    Thank you for sharing this.
    Your space is wonderful as always.
    Glam kisses,

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