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Psychadelics in The Garage

Psychadelics in The Garage

posted on Tuesday September 4, 2012 | in The Crystal Tearoom | 2 Comments

The thing I like most about my job with Garage is that I learn so much through the process of working with others.  And this process is usually like a safari.  We never really know what we’ll come across or where we’ll end up.  In the next issue of Garage I worked really closely with Anna Craycroft and Elle Muliarchyk again.  This time we took Masha Orlov along for the ride as as well as Andrea Helgadottir  and Alicia Mc Daid and consulted with Daniel Pinchbeck.  This idea started with Pat McGrath at Indochine with this sentence, freely flying out her mouth, “I was told that I was a Dauphine in Paris during the revolution, and I killed a prince!”  How we got to psychadelics from re-incarnation is not so long a trip, but the inspiration started with Pat McGrath and ended up with me hearing things like: Igboga helps cure addiction… and JFK did LSD.  I learnt alot about the DMT molecule, psylocibin mushrooms, shopping on mushrooms in the 80’s, apparently that’s why fashion was wilder then, consumers had less inhibition when in came to buying neon green commes des garcons suits for example.  Just telling you some of the things I heard; ayahuasca, Mesclin, DPT and a whole list of mind benders I’ve never taken.  This was all another way of exploring our theme of time, time out of mind.  I think you’ll find it an interesting read.  So don’t forget to get your copy of the next issue of Garage.


Photo of me at one of our hundred meetings, one of which we went through some Francis Bacon paintings and did some sketches.



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  1. Marian (Reply) on Tuesday 4, 2012

    “We never really know what we’ll come across or where we’ll end up.”

    I like how you akin the GARAGE work process to a safari. It sounds like a grownup version of Alice in Wonderland.

    I think all work (and life in general) should be like this… not knowing quite what you will stumble on along the way.

    Glam kisses,

  2. Amy (Reply) on Tuesday 4, 2012

    I can’t wait to read this article. I love how Garage highlights the relationship between fashion and culture in a way that many magazines seem afraid to… the fearlessness of the content makes Garage my favorite magazine. I look forward to receiving every issue in the mail!

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