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Dear America, sex ain’t selling shit no mo.

Dear America, sex ain’t selling shit no mo.

posted on Sunday October 24, 2010 | in The Crystal Tearoom | 8 Comments

Well unless it’s really good.

I mean the notion that white smile, big tits, long legs is sexy is so last century.

Let’s get with the programme.

We’re into brains now.

Or hadn’t you heard? Wink wink.

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  1. Debra (Reply) on Sunday 24, 2010

    Preach it, Ms Shala!!!!

  2. Vonmiwi (Reply) on Sunday 24, 2010

    Why did I wake by thinking the same thing? I was thinking about Kim Kardashian’s W magazine cover and how burned out I am of all the celebrity covers on American fashion magazines. I’m a “star” in my own light and I’m not trying to look like nor dress like any of them.

    I’ve got a lot of magazine subscriptions coming up for renewal and I’m seriously thinking about not giving anymore of my hard earned money away to people who think I don’t exist. If they’re into brains now, then why aren’t the best and brilliant women highlighted more in the world? The only ones celebrated are those with the biggest T & A’s as the idea for a girl or woman to aspire to, not anything of substance. I’ll take substance and character any day of the week before I take the superficial.

    Smooches…I still love your style and I know you’ve got a big heart.

  3. imdownwithher (Reply) on Sunday 24, 2010

    Ditto..so sick of these lame people trying so hard (sorry to say that includes you too Gaga)

  4. Robby (Reply) on Sunday 24, 2010

    We all know the US is late on everything…

  5. shala (Reply) on Sunday 24, 2010

    But to be fair, there are Magazines, and websites of substance out there, though for the most part they seem to be published in Europe. I try to highlight them on the blog. eg I like the women featured in the gentlewoman and pop. We just have to dig so hard to find it.

  6. MR.MEYER (Reply) on Sunday 24, 2010

    But the Kim Kardashian’s cover is done for the art issue of W its meant as far as i know as a comment on how things are ……its a different context …. the best magazine then to be the bi annual ones there is more time put in them and they keep there relevance because of the choice they make in the people they featured etc….. more content and substance.
    i think this sex sells thing will be the norm as long as people are so unsure about so much in there live,s its a easy sell a no brainer ….about Gaga i think image wise Gaga is doing history lesson’s for a youth that don’t like to do there home work meaning be hind here style or image which i don’t see as sexy i would say more odd and shock value i say shock value because ..it has to do with that every sympathy or news has to be entertaining for use to be able to consume it .that why when she wears her meat dress after she voices her opinion on issues she stands for like George Clooney or the Brangelina’s are on CNN talking about Afrika ,etc
    After we grow up with images of war and poverty etc we would like to feel safe for are own happy and fun live and when are quilt creeps in from time to time the Clooney’s&the Gaga’s of are world make it easier to swallow all the less happy fun things happing around the world.

    reminds me of the 3 monky’s see no hear no speak no …evil
    Quality of live in any shape of form is always o the edge of instinction if you ask me there are few ho are gate keepers of this in our world
    Like Shala said we just have to dig hard to find it.

  7. lucy fire (Reply) on Sunday 24, 2010

    have you heard about the beauty of sex

  8. fens (Reply) on Sunday 24, 2010

    je suis vraiment d’accord avec toi

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