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happiness is a stray west-indian dog (shala monroque)

happiness is a stray west-indian dog (shala monroque)

posted on Sunday April 1, 2012 | in River of Beauty and Youth | 4 Comments

“After the convulsions of rainstorms, of tropical depressions, the sun worried its way through thick grey clouds, like a cigarette burn in his blanket.  The clouds burned away.  The sun came out full.  Heat sucked up the puddles in the asphalt.  The trees shook themselves like wet dogs.  Everything, after involuntary shudders, from chickens to the seminal drops on the electric wires, returned to it’s normal, sunlit sadness.  A season passed, wet then dry.”

-Derek Walcott 

Cafe Martinique from the book “What the twighlight says”

-photo: stray dog 2010 shala monroque

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  1. Au Courant Distilled (Reply) on Sunday 1, 2012

    The joys of home! I do miss seeing a wandering WI stray/pot-hound from time to time…

    • shala (Reply) on Sunday 1, 2012

      yes me too they are wonderful to watch. One can actually learn a lot from them.

  2. Janelle (Reply) on Sunday 1, 2012

    Love Derek’s work…….have you ever read “Love after Love” it was also written by him if you haven’t check that one out……

  3. Safs (Reply) on Sunday 1, 2012

    Reminded me of this short film by Trinidadian creative minds…..”pothound” http://vimeo.com/awards/vote/narrative

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