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Let’s talk about sex, in the Garage!

Let’s talk about sex, in the Garage!

posted on Wednesday February 15, 2012 | in The Basin Jamet | 5 Comments

The lady, above, (I like to call her Cherry Blossom) her handbag filled with Garage X Keith Haring condoms.

“Human experience is too expansive to reduce to an equation.”

Ron Eglash, Mathematician & cyberneticist


Gender difference and sexual orientation were, from Kusama’s perspective, misguided person-centered diverstions from the unified cosmos, beyond the limits of individual personality, to which she aspired in life and art.

-On Yayoi Kusama

Garage: Your flowers are beautifully creepy.  Why did you give them syphillis?

- Interview with Mat Collishaw

“For the first time this year, polls show that over half of all Americans are in favor of same-sex marriage.


“After decades of increasingly effective safe-sex campaigns, STDs are on the rise again in the U.S”


“The higher the heel, the better I feel.”


“We live in the Stone Age of the digital era, stumbling around like cavemen, still fueled by urges we don’t fully comprehend.  As the number of people online approaches 2 billion, the possiblilities seem limitless.  Yet the ghost in the machine lingers, distorting the delicate balance between our need for sex and our need for love.”

-David Brendel

“What kind of expectations do women have of you in the bedroom because you are a painter?”

“Very high, I would imagine!  I don’t know what they think, you know.  I’m not a woman.  They probably think that I am sensitive and physical and peculiar, so maybe the cliche would be that I would be more sexually interesting than a dentist, but there is probably a dentist out there who could be very sexual and much stranger than I am.”

-Julian Schnabel, artist.


All quotes from Garage Issue 2!

Get your copy now ;-)

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  1. malika (Reply) on Wednesday 15, 2012

    liberty and style of life of an artist is very interesting.

  2. robby (Reply) on Wednesday 15, 2012

    “our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” – martin luther king, jr.

    yes, let’s talk about sex! i was very excited when i saw the cover of garage no. 2 last week. it’s important to talk about what love and sex means in this day and age. i feel like the spread of stds, teenage pregnancies and so on could be reduced if people were more educated about sex and if we talk more about it. i’m gay, so the gay marriage on the cover hits close to heart. thanks for that! i certainly hope that society becomes more accepting of what is the reality for a large number of people today. it’s just like patrick wolf says in his song ‘bermondsey street': “love knows no boundaries, sees beyond sexuality.”

    sidebar: michelle harper = cherry blossom? what’s the story?

  3. Voyeurism Sucks (Reply) on Wednesday 15, 2012

    Shala Monroque. The sexiest kitten in the bunch.

  4. Voyeurism Sucks (Reply) on Wednesday 15, 2012

    You are very pretty. Explain it to me.

  5. tasja (Reply) on Wednesday 15, 2012

    yes. SEX. it seems to be the current topic on my radar at the mo. and a very delightfully depthful one i might add…to my FB friends chagrin. Yes. do. please. Let’s….talk that is. xox ha ha

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