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Pyramide Con Mani

Pyramide Con Mani

posted on Wednesday November 16, 2011 | in The Basin Jamet | 3 Comments

She’s not called a super-model for nothin’. This weekend in  Düsseldorf  Naomi Campbell will be awarded the Pyramide Con Mani award by Unesco for her continued commitment to charity.  This is the 20th year this prize has been awarded.  Previous recipients include The Dalai Lama, Helen Mirren and Forest Whitaker.

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  1. Marian (Reply) on Wednesday 16, 2011

    There will never be another Naomi Campbell. That look, that walk, that aura. There just will never be another Naomi.
    Congratulations to her. It is indeed quite the accolade. She has championed the philanthropic and that is admirable.

    Shala darling you had me with that opening line – “She’s not called a super-model for nothin’.”

    Glam kisses darling.

  2. Svetlana (Reply) on Wednesday 16, 2011

    Dear Shala – just wanted to say that you are a MAJOR inspiration to me, especially as a Caribbean woman (as I am). Keep up your excellent and fashionable work. I love looking at pictures of you in all your glamour.

    Take care, and stay well.

  3. andrea (Reply) on Wednesday 16, 2011

    totally not related to this blog post but you are the only reason i purchased a copy of T & C today. Congrats on a fab cover feature!

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