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Doha Film Institute…

Doha Film Institute…

posted on Saturday October 29, 2011 | in The Basin Jamet | 5 Comments

I met Brigitte La Combe a couple of years ago at the Doha Tribeca Film Festival.  It was opening night and she was doing what she always does, constantly taking snap shots.  A very congenial woman, I didn’t mind because just as quickly as she snapped she disappeared.  We met again the next day when we both visited a falcon farm, then also went to an open air screening of the restored film The Mummy (Al Momia), at Souq Waqif.  Since we both live in New York our friendship has blossomed and this summer, we were both delighted to find out that she would photograph me for New York Magazine’s fall cover.

This week it’s come full circle in Doha as Brigitte did a Q&A for the Doha Tribeca Film Festival’s Master Class programme and I got to moderate it.  I had many questions for Brigitte but the audience was even more enthralled by her.  Indeed The Doha Film Institute is offering a mentorship with Brigitte through a competition this year.  The winner will get to travel with Ms. La Combe and stand behind her shoulders.

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  1. andrea (Reply) on Saturday 29, 2011

    I love full circle stories like this.

  2. Eli (Reply) on Saturday 29, 2011

    Indeed, she is my most favourite photographer, she is well noted for her behind the scenes photos on film sets.

  3. Nzinga (Reply) on Saturday 29, 2011

    I visited Doha earlier this year and attended a film festival for NUQ and Virginia commonwealth held at The Pearl. Such a beautiful little country. Did you enjoy Qatar? I live in New York as well, am Caribbean (trini & Guyanese) and am a designer- my link is there. I’m surprised that we’ve never met, and we should. Lovely blog

  4. malika (Reply) on Saturday 29, 2011

    love the Prada album photos with Miu Miu and Patrizio Bertelli
    <3 Italie.
    also the one with Aung San Suu Kyi and aroud painting.

  5. Gigi Guerreiro (Reply) on Saturday 29, 2011

    One of my favorite photographers. Her portraits are amazing!

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