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Seven Billion!

Seven Billion!

posted on Monday October 24, 2011 | in The Crystal Tearoom | 1 Comment

Henceforth we need to measure our growth in prosperity: not by the sheer number of people who inhabit the earth, and not by flawed measurements like G.D.P., but by how well we satisfy basic human needs; by how well we foster dignity, creativity, community and cooperation; by how well we care for our biological and physical environment, our only home. more

The fashion designer Vika Gazinskaya and I having a chat.  Gagosian Gallery, Paris.

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1 Comment

  1. catacomb (Reply) on Monday 24, 2011

    Funny to come across images of you parading around in over-the-top expensive finery, attending exclusive parties for the well-connected wealthy, the girlfriend of an uber wealthy art mogul, and yet waxing on about issues of social justice. The intense materialism is somehow discordant with these high-minded sentiments. But perhaps you are doing something real to “satisfy basic human needs” . . . ?

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