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free coffee and ice-cream at our garage

free coffee and ice-cream at our garage

posted on Sunday October 16, 2011 | in The Basin Jamet | 8 Comments

During fashion week in New York, we decided to do a kind gesture and give out free coffee, ice-cream, and copies of Garage to passersby.  The truck was manned by one very stylish young Puerto-Rican woman, who also drove the truck and made the coffee.  The highlight of Cafe Garage was giving free ice-cream and tattoos to fire-fighters on September 11th.  The most wonderful aspect of this was making people smile, as they were receiving something for free for no reason… And a smile goes a very long way.

- Garage Fashion Consultant Giovanna Battaglia and I outside of Indochine on Lafayette Street

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  1. Missyc (Reply) on Sunday 16, 2011

    Sweet :-)

  2. malika (Reply) on Sunday 16, 2011

    brava anche per le farfalle, applaudo ! <3 NY

  3. Montreal In Fashion (Reply) on Sunday 16, 2011

    What a great initiative. Looking forward to reading Garage Magazine.
    Smiles de Montréal.
    Candice :)

  4. Michael Miu Miu (Reply) on Sunday 16, 2011

    Holy moley Shala. Nice to see you went with the St.Razza Stingyray bag. The two of you look quite awesome. Next time you do that sorta thing, ring me! I’d love to join.

  5. Rosemary (Reply) on Sunday 16, 2011

    Was I was in NY to get some … Thanks for making people smile.

  6. karhol (Reply) on Sunday 16, 2011

    hey shala !
    that’s shala’s “rabbit” hole … so i dont get the thing about the Puma / Couguar on your blog’s header .. could u explain ? just curious , besos

  7. andrea (Reply) on Sunday 16, 2011

    what a fun idea!

  8. Marian (Reply) on Sunday 16, 2011

    That image is wonderful, the elation is palpable.
    Happy Saturday and glam kisses!

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