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Let’s get serious for a second… I have a Big question

Let’s get serious for a second… I have a Big question

posted on Tuesday June 28, 2011 | in The Crystal Tearoom | 8 Comments

Which Bob was the best Bob?

Marley or Dylan I’m seriously torn.

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  1. jason (Reply) on Tuesday 28, 2011

    i have to say Bob Dylan. I like them both, and even though i am a black male, I think Dylan speaks to my American roots more. He also had the best hair, lol.

  2. oroma (Reply) on Tuesday 28, 2011

    awwww shala noooooo. nooo

  3. Laura Elaine (Reply) on Tuesday 28, 2011

    That’s a loaded question for sure! Personally, I’m a much bigger Marley fan than Dylan. I can appreciate Dylan’s talent, but his sound never did anything for me. I even saw him perform once and was underwhelmed. I’ve seen 2 of the Marley sons perform, and Bob’s spirit is definitely alive and well in them. For me, listening to Bob Marley makes me feel alive! Both Bobs are icons for powerful messages in their music, but the bottom line for me…is that I just like Marley better :).

  4. gandalf the grey (Reply) on Tuesday 28, 2011

    roots, rock, reggae.

  5. Jus (Reply) on Tuesday 28, 2011

    well, yes this is a very serious question.

    even though there are arguments for both sides & reasons to pick on or the other… I’d rather not choose.

    They both have a very special place in my heart and a both timeless and masterful artists.

    but to answer your question, if only partially–

    I’d say Marley for the summer, and Dylan for the winter.

    But both are essential:)

  6. laia (Reply) on Tuesday 28, 2011

    Marley for sure! I might be weird but I’ve never been able to get into Dylan.

  7. Mrs.Me (Reply) on Tuesday 28, 2011


  8. dinis (Reply) on Tuesday 28, 2011

    Bob Marley was the first world superstar from a developing country, in a time when many developing countries were ruled by colonial powers. To break that barrier requires something almost divine. Dylan was playing folk, when everyone was listening to folk…People listening to Marley in Iceland today, but not many people listening to Dylan in Burkina Faso….

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