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Anna & Anna

Anna & Anna

posted on Tuesday June 28, 2011 | in River of Beauty and Youth | 4 Comments


  1. Lauren (Reply) on Tuesday 28, 2011

    there was a time when i thought the younger Anna inspired the elder and vice versa. More recently, Anna Junior’s clothes inspire thoughts of graceful cocktail parties and wild fields with little girls playing in eyelet dresses.

    it’s surprising and refreshing considering when I was first introduced to her style.

  2. Eunice (Reply) on Tuesday 28, 2011

    I love them both. When I was a kid I thought older Anna was weird but the more I saw her the less I thought so.

  3. elke (Reply) on Tuesday 28, 2011

    very nice picture, the world is differend and much beautyful!

  4. mikeijames (Reply) on Tuesday 28, 2011

    while i do love both annas — really all three if we’re talking about the ediatrices — anna piaggi may continue to dazzle us with her singular sense of style, but anna dello russo never ceases to surprise us not only with her fashion choices but with the way that she mixes and matches them in a particularly modern way. who else can match a fantastic pinstripe suit with the perfect pink prada stole?

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