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Grandmother said, “wear your clothes inside out when going to the garden”

Grandmother said, “wear your clothes inside out when going to the garden”

posted on Friday June 17, 2011 | in Tuning in to Josephine | 8 Comments

…to protect you from evil spirits.

As I continue to think of the things my grand-mothers said.

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  1. Natasha Ndlovu (Reply) on Friday 17, 2011

    I’ve never heard that one before ! By the way congrats on the feature in Russian Vogue. I’ll be practising my vocabulary reading you and Dasha’s interviews. This is one Vogue I’ll have to scribble all over with a highlighter and pen ;)

  2. dany (Reply) on Friday 17, 2011

    my lola wouldn’t allow me to fall asleep with my hair wet-she firmly believed it was a bad omen :)

  3. Mioara Roncea (Reply) on Friday 17, 2011

    My grandmother used to say that If I wear my clothes inside out, the weather will change the next day. :)

  4. Céline Mademoiselle (Reply) on Friday 17, 2011

    Your Grandmother was probably right. Old people are full of wisdom, so I’m pretty it was a kind of essential tips;-)
    Lucky for having such a great person in your life.

    xoxo from another style lover in Brussels

    Céline Mademoiselle

  5. mel (Reply) on Friday 17, 2011

    I am sure that you only attract what you give off of yourself. And if you want to make sure that the evil stays away from you, I recommend an evil eye bracelet;)

  6. ellinor (Reply) on Friday 17, 2011

    Where would we be without all these wise women who came before us? Thanks for sharing the quote nana’s, and feel free to drop by my blog too, soon.

  7. saurers123 (Reply) on Friday 17, 2011

    Well, that’s what you do in Philippine mythology when you get lost in a scary trail. Wearing it inside out would allow you to go back to your trail that you were supposed to be on.

  8. Choclitfreckles (Reply) on Friday 17, 2011

    ‘Granny says’

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