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Ships? Sure I’ll sail them… Maya Angelou

Ships? Sure I’ll sail them… Maya Angelou

posted on Monday June 13, 2011 | in Crik Crak,The Basin Jamet | 5 Comments

Sure I’ll sail them
Show me the boat,
If it’ll float,
I’ll sail it.

Yes, I’ll love them.
If they’ve got style,
to make me smile,
I’ll love them.

‘Course I’ll live it.
Just enough breath,
Until my death,
And I’ll live it.

I’m not ashamed to tell it,
I’ve never learned to spell it,
Not Failure.

Maya Angelou

Photo: Vika Gazinskaya by Jason Jean of Citizen Couture

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  1. simone (Reply) on Monday 13, 2011

    Cute and original!

  2. Natasha Ndlovu (Reply) on Monday 13, 2011

    It’s always good to know yet another Maya Angelou poem, I don’t know why I still don’t own one of her books!

    • shala (Reply) on Monday 13, 2011

      you should run not walk to the bookstore. it will do you well.

  3. Marian (Reply) on Monday 13, 2011

    Maya Angelou is as phenomenal as each of her poems. I have been a lifelong fan of her work. Each time I think I know all there is to know concerning her and her work, I stumble on something new. The other day I spent a full hour on her site and to my pleasant surprise discovered that she had knew how to speak a Ghanaian language, which she picked up while living there.

    This piece is wonderful. Takes me back to my teens when I vicariously read her autobiographical series. I am happy they did as they really and truly resonated with me. She has a voice and incredible gift for language that is just beyond.

    She is as phenomenal as her poem ‘Phenomenal Woman’.

    Thank you for this.

    Glam Kisses.

  4. Hodan (Reply) on Monday 13, 2011

    aaah, Ms. Angelo and her beautifully moving words.

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