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Oh my God I’m going on Safari

Oh my God I’m going on Safari

posted on Friday June 10, 2011 | in The Crystal Tearoom | 15 Comments

My first trip to Africa!!! People say Morocco doesn’t count (your thoughts please)

Anyway I’m looking forward to seeing the beauty of Nature, and I don’t mean just the stretch of a giraffe’s neck but also looking for the beauty of a kill, of a lion on the hunt of a hippo taking a bath, ect.  It makes me think of the movie “Tree of Life” which I recommend, but be ready this movie’s not for one with a short attention span.

Someone said that it get’s really dusty on safari so bring cheap clothes; and so I had a field day at Zara’s and H&M’s.  To tell the truth whilst shopping I felt a little bad wondering about who actually makes those clothes .  I recently read a review of Lucy Siegle’s book called “To Die For” (on my reading list) where of the many things she talk’s about is child labour and fashion…

Where does my conscience lie, I wondered as I purchased cheap but stylish brown’s and beige’s and orange colored articles of clothing for my trip.  Should this have been my last trip to H&M?


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  1. Ornella (Reply) on Friday 10, 2011

    Hi Shala,
    I grew up in West Africa, I now live in North America, and I went to Casablanca last year on vacations: Morocco definitely is Africa to me. I agree that it does not entirely fit the african stereotypes (elephants and giraffes, smiling/sad looking bare-chested young women and/or skinny children with big bellies), but Africa is so diverse, and complex, and rich, and different from one coast to the other(s), that you can not bottle its “concept” in a big ol’ jar of underdevelopment and wild nature clichés.
    Wishing you a fun (and safe) trip.

  2. Eli (Reply) on Friday 10, 2011

    Shala! Africa is beaut. Morocco counts because yes, its in Africa. However, I see why people may disagree other wise. I am sure your experience will be cool, take pics and interact with few Moroccans. One of my good friends is from there, go to the flea markets and yes their is gorge jewelry. Moroccan food I heard is the best so try that out too. Haha, your picture makes you look like your in the wilderness. Wear anything, dress like the street is a catwalk. I think you will be greeted with pleasant stares.

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  4. simone (Reply) on Friday 10, 2011

    I wish you a good trip and enjoy yourself. Morocco is in Africa and surely it’s beautiful. But the heart of africa nad africa nature surely lies elsewhere(central,west africa). I don’t think it’s about cliché’s but about the fact that Maghreb people don’t really consider theirselves africans and call the others from west,subsaharian and central africa “les africains”. Even though Africa is full of diversities there’s a link between a south african, cameroonian, ivorian, guinean, tchadian, congolese,kenyan, somalian person that doesn’t exist with a “maghrebin”. For me we just share the same continent and full stop.You will surely see from yourself when you get the opportunity to gon to black Africa. Hope i didn’t sound extremist in this post, just wanted to say my thinking.

    PS: sorry for the poor english.

    • shala (Reply) on Friday 10, 2011

      I have been to Morocco and I’m going to the Southern part of Africa.

  5. Didi (Reply) on Friday 10, 2011

    maybe all your Pradas and MiuMius are handmade in Italy, but the problem is not just Zara and H&M.
    There’s a lot of definitely expensive clothes out there sewn by underage,underpaid people. This is the ugly side of capitalism (if there is any nice side). Anyway enjoy your safari!Bisous

  6. malika (Reply) on Friday 10, 2011

    “you will never know, i will never shooow what i fell, what i need from you, no no! love me, love me, no ! ” pretty Imany


    Fashion is there !

  7. malika (Reply) on Friday 10, 2011

    Concerning me, Morocco is not in Africa, i’m thinking about the History of each part of the world specialy. History of Arabic dynasty there(and berbere sure). The next question could be Morocco is it in Middle East ? Not exactly also it is North of Africa / Al Maghrib … :( no no !!

    Let us know where in Africa you are ? South of Africa ?

  8. oroma (Reply) on Friday 10, 2011

    Put down the camera, leave the cellphone in your hotel room, soak in and feel. feel it.
    hugs and those kisses you really dislike.


    • shala (Reply) on Friday 10, 2011

      and those kisses you really dislike… :-))))))))

  9. Hodan (Reply) on Friday 10, 2011

    lol, some would argue Morocco as not being part of Africa because its a similar narration to European colonialism and the white washing of North and East African history. Anyway, enjoy your safari in East or Southern Africa and try if possible mingle with the everyday natives. I’ll be visiting my parents home countries later in the year and planning to experience some Safari as well.

  10. malika (Reply) on Friday 10, 2011

    “because its a similar narration to European colonialism and the white washing of North and East African history.”


  11. Bee (Reply) on Friday 10, 2011

    I hope you fall in love with Africa and decide to visit more countries (Especially Nigeria!).

  12. Sthandiwe (Reply) on Friday 10, 2011

    have you been already?Did you make it to South Africa?Did i just miss you on the streets?????????????noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Naledi (Reply) on Friday 10, 2011

    Hope you had an awesome time on Safari, and capture some good moments(hopefully you’ll share)!

    And I agree with Ornella, well said! :)

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