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I think I’m missing something here?

I think I’m missing something here?

posted on Sunday May 22, 2011 | in River of Beauty and Youth | 10 Comments

Ageism. This woman made me want to buy this jacket.  Now isn’t that going against main-stream thought.  Wait, going against all the dollars spent on research claiming that we are youth obsessed?  Why is it that I only desired this jacket after seeing it on this woman?  Something’s wrong in the equation here.  I know why I wanted it after seeing it on her, it’s because she actually feels cool, looks cool is cool.  Cummon, she’s 72 years old! For starters I’m sure she’s far more interesting than Kate Moss even.  Sorry Kate Moss I don’t know you at all, just threw your name out there.  But this woman’s got more time, experience and maybe a bit more style on her side of the fence.  If someone were to say hop on a plane, you’re going to have afternoon tea with Kate Moss, I wouldn’t hop on a plane, but if they said hop on a plane, it’s tea with Costanza, you bet I would not even think about it.  This woman looks cool and it doesn’t look like she’s trying.

I’m buying into that!

photo: Garance Dore

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  1. thelifestylemaven (Reply) on Sunday 22, 2011

    We draw inspiration from or elders. Well I know I do. When i saw this pic before i was inspired to wear my hair in all its pompadour-esque glamour (and got compliments). Seeing it again I’ll probably give it another go tomorrow (heck y not?).

  2. Mioara Roncea (Reply) on Sunday 22, 2011

    Maybe because Constanza is wearing the jacket and not the other way around? Her attitude exceeds by far her age. And she is more interesting then Kate because she has the wisdom that comes with her age. She has a story behind.

  3. phoenix (Reply) on Sunday 22, 2011

    memories is life

  4. Kelly Christina Castilho (Reply) on Sunday 22, 2011

    Constaza is incredible, she inspires me. I love her elegance and attitude.

  5. Habitually Chic (Reply) on Sunday 22, 2011

    I’m lucky to live in New York and see beautiful older woman everyday. I even just sat next to 70+ model Carmen Dell’Orefice at a fashion show and she was the most stunning lady in the whole place. I hate that America is so much more youth centered than Europe. There is nothing exciting about the way Paris Hilton or Britney Spears dress and don’t even get me started on the fact that the latter in on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar this month. There is definitely something that comes from wisdom and experience and that’s confidence and self knowledge. That is much more inspiring to me than an insecure skinny starlet who was dressed by a stylist.

    • shala (Reply) on Sunday 22, 2011

      Well said.

  6. mikeijames (Reply) on Sunday 22, 2011

    there’s an air of boldness that comes with age. it’s a co-mingling of world wisdom with a wit that’s taken decades to get just right. this lady makes me want to sit down and have a laugh with her. and that’s just from one photograph. also, one must say, one *expects* kate to wear a piece-of-the-moment like this jacket so it might go overlooked, but when someone chooses it unexpectedly, it packs that surprise that all great fashion choices should have. when kate wore that rigorously chic sequined vintage gown to her now infamous “the beautiful and the damned”
    birthday party, she stunned us in much the same way by toying the the self-same expectations.

  7. O'STYLE (Reply) on Sunday 22, 2011

    Love your blog! I think this woman is incredible elegant!

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  8. Edwina@FASHION + ART (Reply) on Sunday 22, 2011

    Yes honey. Let’s do tea with Miz Constanza. I’ll bet she’s got great stories to tell.

  9. Lebo (Reply) on Sunday 22, 2011

    I feel you Shala!

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