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Business of Fashion review

Business of Fashion review

posted on Wednesday May 18, 2011 | in The Crystal Tearoom | 8 Comments


  1. simone (Reply) on Wednesday 18, 2011

    I think we are having too much, we are being overloaded, especially with proprosal from blogs and some magazines which are just of no inspiration and can make fashion become nauseous. But for me, whenever it’s about classic,elegant and refined things it’s impossible to have enough of it and you don’t just care if you are being bombarded, you want it to be more and more, it’s like food to the soul for some of us. It’a my opinion.

  2. Mioara Roncea (Reply) on Wednesday 18, 2011

    Maybe 10 years ago, the access to information (on a higher speed) was a privilege for rich people. Now, the fashion is a little more personal. And those different speeds depend on the customer. I like to shop summer clothes in July but I also like to have access to information right after the fashion show. But maybe is just because I have a passion for fashion. I also have friends who do not care what happened in the last Chloe show. Suzy is right. There are different speeds.

  3. Englishvers (Reply) on Wednesday 18, 2011

    Hi Shala,
    I enjoyed the discussion but had to leave for a dinner rendezvous.
    How are you, lovely Shala? Just managed to catch up on your musings here.

  4. mikeijames (Reply) on Wednesday 18, 2011

    one can write off the pace of change as a part the growing pains of a shrinking, homogenizing world. as the idea of globalization goes from the academic to the everyday, we find this odd symbiosis between the developed world and the developing world with respect to culture. as the developed world grows bored with the traditional affectations of wealth and privilege, we find thought leaders increasingly reaching deeper and deeper into cultures unknown to deliver something fresh. this evidences itself in everything from pre-fall frocks at chanel that pull from the byzantine to trendy plates at kittichai that serve up bangkok’s best. at the same time, we find a new burgeoning consumer class in developing countries that buys into all of the trappings that so many shrug off — from the 2.55 bag to the 911 speedster. this dizzying exchange — and the high tech gadgets that enable it — account for the increasing speed with which each audience seeks out something new. something more. something now. eventually, and we see this happening already in fashion, the obsession with the new will wane and the fenzy over the next best thing will fade, and we’ll all begin to appreciate things that have endured in all of our cultures.

  5. britt stone (Reply) on Wednesday 18, 2011


    You should do an event in Philadelphia! Love love your blog!

  6. malika (Reply) on Wednesday 18, 2011

    white bird

  7. jana (Reply) on Wednesday 18, 2011

    Dear Shala! I was wondering if there’s a video from the NY miu miu musing?

  8. Paola (Reply) on Wednesday 18, 2011

    I really don’t mind the access of information personally, I do however agree that it is disappointing how it is misused by retailers “stealing” or copying other’s ideas.
    I agree with your opening statement Shala. I am not a planer either, I buy things I fall in love with, so when I go shopping I want to buy pieces in season.

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