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Young North American designers, here’s your chance, we could be talking about you!

Young North American designers, here’s your chance, we could be talking about you!

posted on Thursday May 5, 2011 | in The Crystal Tearoom | 6 Comments

Did you know that Peter Sellers died at the Dorchestor Hotel in London?  And that one of my favourite movies of his is The Party.  And that the first time I saw it I was lying in bed at 2am in my hotel room in Venice during the Bienale laughing soooo loud I probably woke my neighbours up?  And so it is I start with a digression.


I got a call from Bronwyn Cosgraves, who is a London based writer and broadcaster and has writen several books on fashion.  I got a call from Bronwyn asking if I’d be a judge for the second annual Dorchestor Collection Fashion Prize.  It’s a prize for  young fashion designers of ready-to-wear or luxury accessories, who get a chance to win $40,000 and a venue at the Hôtel Plaza Athénée in Paris to show their collection during the Spring Summer review.  (Not bad for someone starting up with big dreams, no?)  Are you searching for the forms yet?  Anyway apart from this being a wonderful way to encourage young designers I immediately said yes because I love the Dorchestor Hotel.  I can be very simple in my thinking sometimes.  The fact that Peter Sellers lived and died there is only one of the reasons I like it.  I also like it because my name is Shala and there are always Arabs dressed in wonderful thobes, I feel like I’m in an exotic land just being there.  And I also like car watching at the Dorchestor, trust me on this one.  Have you ever seen a matte indigo blue and silver Bugatti?  Maybach’s and Ferrari’s and Rolls Royce’s in colors to blow your eyes away… But I also like tea at the Dorchestor and China Tang’s is really just the best, so here we have a hotel I love doing something to help another thing I love, FASHION!

And so, why not?

And then my fellow judges have not only excelled in their fields, but they’re all loads of fun, and if last night was any indication to what this process will be like, I think I’ll have a dazzling time.


For applications please visit the Dorchestor Collection website.

Francisco Costa and 2010 Winner Thomas Tait


Giovanna, Derek and I, looking forward to discovering young talent.


Fashion is not fashion if there's no fun! something Giovanna and I agree on.

With fellow judge Thom Browne, chairperson Bronwyn Cosgrave, Francisco Costa,Giovanna Battaglia and Derek Blasberg (fellow judges)

Siki Im and Abigail Lorick, a young couple from Brooklyn who are young designers, Abigail wears Siki's design



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  1. Vonmiwi (Reply) on Thursday 5, 2011

    Do we have this type of contest in the USA other than the reality shows? I see these contests all over Europe and Asia but nothing of that caliber here. Most of the fashion funds here are rewarded to designers who are already established.

    • shala (Reply) on Thursday 5, 2011

      This is for North American contestants and for young beginning designers!!!!!

  2. shala (Reply) on Thursday 5, 2011

    Please encourage any young designer that you know to submitt applications!!

  3. Laura (Reply) on Thursday 5, 2011

    Wow, I’m still at school, but I’ll definitely keep this in mind for later… *-* Oh my what an opportunity!!
    I really like the pic with you and Giovanna laughing, you both look so beautiful! :)
    Btw, I love The Party too!! Especially the scene when he really really needs to go to the bathroom… :D Or the one when he does those strange noises onto the speaker… There’s just so many!

  4. simone (Reply) on Thursday 5, 2011

    The pics are beautiful et tu es trop belle! Unfortunately for me i did economics Oops! It’s really a good initiative. Good work!

  5. Robson Rocha (Reply) on Thursday 5, 2011

    Ce site est très informatif.
    Je suis Robson Rocha, je suis styliste au Brésil. Je suis fou de mode et je fais de cela une manière d’expression.
    J’accompagne toujours votre blog et j’aime beaucoup votre travail. Moi aussi, j’ai un blog où je montre mes créations de mode. je voudrais vous préseter mon blog http://www.zoedegaia.blogspot.com
    Je vous remercie de votre attention.
    Robson Rocha.

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