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They didn’t call her Posh for nothin’

They didn’t call her Posh for nothin’

posted on Saturday April 30, 2011 | in River of Beauty and Youth | 10 Comments

Victoria Beckham gets my best dressed vote for the Royal Wedding.

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  1. simone (Reply) on Saturday 30, 2011

    Hello Shala!

    I have to be sincere and so i won’t agree with you:-) Yes though Posh was well dressed and beautiful, my best dressed vote goes to Tara Palmer Tomkinson. I loved the colour and the shape of the dress. She was so bon ton and there was so much personality in that dress. She wasn’t predictable and boring as many of the women who where well dresses but so similar.

    Well, my point of view Shala.



    • shala (Reply) on Saturday 30, 2011

      I’m still sticking to Beckham.

  2. mikeijames (Reply) on Saturday 30, 2011

    while i did love ‘posh,’ i cannot stop thinking about that fantastic ensemble worn by zara phillips with that gravity-defying hat! she injected a bit of the modern (and whimsy) into the ceremony steeped in tradition. and her gorgeous slate grey coat-dress reminded me of that great spring/summer 2010 collection from prada.

  3. Natasha Ndlovu (Reply) on Saturday 30, 2011

    Tara was well dressed too. I loved the shoes. Maybe it’s my lack of experience on “how to dress for a wedding” but if I had to pick an outfit, it would be Victoria Beckham’s, only because it’s one of the few that I found suited my taste. Some outfits are a bit much for me but I understand the world was watching and it is after all a wedding. I used to look at grandmother’s hats and think they were over the top, but in retrospect were ‘mild’. Let’s just wait for Harry to get married (please God pick me!)

  4. Paola (Reply) on Saturday 30, 2011

    POSH all the way.

  5. Mioara Roncea (Reply) on Saturday 30, 2011

    I think Victoria Beckham was impeccable!!! This Lady has Class and Attitude.
    Thank you.

    Mioara Roncea

  6. Mioara Roncea (Reply) on Saturday 30, 2011

    You looked AMAZING at The Met Gala!
    You are my favorite!

    I am sticking to you. ;)

    Mioara Roncea

  7. Sthandiwe (Reply) on Saturday 30, 2011

    Shala,i agree with you and Natasha Ndlovu on Posh,she looked amazing!!!Most of of my friends here in South Africa voted her best dressed too,she knew it was about Kat,it was Kate’s day!!!I she showed alot of respect, because we know Mrs B could easily have stolen the limelight,even the brides,with just her style!!Imagine how amazing Ms Monroque would have looked there!!!!

  8. Jeff Banks (Reply) on Saturday 30, 2011

    I’m on the same page with Posh’s look. It ws appropriate for the event and just right shape and proportion for her body:)

  9. Zainab Jah (Reply) on Saturday 30, 2011

    Call me biased, being a Brit and all, but Posh was smashing!

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