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Hey there Georgie girl…it’s time for jumping down from the shelf

Hey there Georgie girl…it’s time for jumping down from the shelf

posted on Saturday April 16, 2011 | in The Basin Jamet | 9 Comments

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Two girls walking down the street in Paris, probably reminiscing about the night before, maybe about dinner at such and such restaurant and how lovely the wine was.  They probably gently debate about whether to go shopping or to go to a museum, who knows? But they do like the feel of luxurious clothes that’s for sure and they are proud, clearly one can tell from the straightness of their spines.  It’s an easy afternoon in Paris, and tonight they will cook African dinner for Bethanne Hardison, their city god-mother. (Just my imagination but I’m sure not far from the truth at all.)

Ajak and Ataui Deng photographed for Arise Magazine by, John-Paul Pietrus.

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  1. Oroma (Reply) on Saturday 16, 2011

    Not far from the truth at all. Made me chuckle a bit.
    Walking tall does speak to a certain inner confidence, I find it quite beautiful actually.

    I saw a girl in the metro yesterday with one of the beautifully shaped legs I’d ever since. I’m not one to shy away from beauty. She’s white and may have been eastern European. Every guy and girl looked directly at her legs, the curve and the shape created by the tucking in of her purple silk blouse into a high waisted dark skinny denim. I thought not only is this girl beautiful but she’s quite stylish but her eyes seem to wander, never holding stares nor accepting the silent compliments….eager to look away in fact, almost not wishing for any of it.

    She hurriedly sat down at the fastest chance, burying her eyes between her legs… and I thought what a shame, you are so beautiful.

    All to say that I admire confidence very much, standing tall and knowing how to walk like a woman. I can understand being shy but credit is also due to she who is assured and coats it with well with beautiful clothes.

  2. Eli (Reply) on Saturday 16, 2011

    When I first saw this I knew it was a shoot— their a bit too shiny. Hahaha.
    I worked with him last summer. He was so cool. Everyone I meet is soo cool.

  3. malika (Reply) on Saturday 16, 2011

    They will probably jump in the next bus and the mind plenty of dreams run to the Island behind the photo “in photo”.

    “J’ai deux pays, mon pays et Paris…” Joséphine Baker
    “I have two countries, my country and Paris…” JB

    o …

  4. malika (Reply) on Saturday 16, 2011

    Sorry i am a dreamer !

    the song is “i have two loves, my contry and Paris”. JB

  5. simone (Reply) on Saturday 16, 2011

    Beautiful! I agree with Oroma. Many at times beauty is not only a fisical thing. I love when a woman have self-confidence, beautiful or not. I think you can be the ugliest person on earth but when you know how to dress and have that confidence, you can’t pass unobserved in good nor bad.

    Ps: excuse my english but i’m not mother tongue.

  6. bradams (Reply) on Saturday 16, 2011

    Ataui and Ajak Deng- gorgeous model siblings!

  7. Khu (Reply) on Saturday 16, 2011

    I love this…a rare capture of the essence of “beautifully care free” …hand in hand it’s in the tilts of their heads and the swing of their arms…fabulous outfits cherry on the cake!

  8. Chocolat (Reply) on Saturday 16, 2011

    lovely. They are not sisters Bradams :-)

  9. Robson Rocha (Reply) on Saturday 16, 2011

    Bravo pour ce magnifique blog et photos.
    Je suis Robson Rocha, je suis styliste au Brésil. Je suis fou de mode et je fais de cela une manière d’expression.
    J’accompagne toujours votre blog et j’aime beaucoup votre travail. Moi aussi, j’ai un blog où je montre mes créations de mode. je voudrais vous préseter mon blog http://www.zoedegaia.blogspot.com
    Je vous remercie de votre attention.
    Robson Rocha.

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